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Vladmir Dvornikova
hooo i drew this guy a while ago but i forgot i didnt upload it here so heres vlad
Name: Vladmir/Vlad Dvornikova 

Age: he doesnt actually know, hes around 200 yrs old.

Gender: Male (he/him)

Friends: James, Parker, Nico, Akira
Enemies: kinda the human race except a few ppl anyone whos hurt his friends.

Love interest: no one

Not much of his childhood was important too Vlad as he had normal yet slightly strict parents. He was pretty energetic when he was allowed too but he was also obedient. As he grew up he noticed how humans have changed their ways of seeing supernaturals. Having slightly strict parents, he was told too hide any form of ability he had for his own safety. Not being able to practice and get a hang of any abilities he had (strength, speed, levitation) he became pretty bad at them. 

Vlad learned too be independent and soon went off too live on his own. he soon met a girl named Amelia and they both started going out. When he told her he was a supernatural (Vampire) she accepted him. They were together for around 8 years and were soon to be wed until Vlad noticed her getting more nervous around him which worried him. One day when Vlad woke up he saw Amelia watching the news of a reported murder, the suspect was a vampire. He told her he wouldnt do anything to harm her but she had her mind made up. She told him she was afraid of him and didnt want him near her. During the years, hatred towards supernaturals grew and it changed certain peoples minds, one of them was Amelia who soon started to fear SP’s. 

They got into an argument which involved her punching Vlad when he tried to get near (causing the scar on the lip). He was kicked out of her house and became homeless. At this point, Vlad hated humans for influencing good people to think horrible about SP’s. With no where too live or no money, he struggled a lot and was kicked out, jumped and humiliated for being a SP. 

All that changed when a group of humans started beating him up only to be interrupted by a man with a scythe. Vlad, being unconscious, woke up in a bed. He saw the same person who saved him, his name was James. He learned where he was (an underground hideout for supernaturals who were in need) and got too know James more. The two became really close friends and basically inseparable, James also eased Vlad a little on his hatred towards human.

James/Akira/Nicholas belong to Trickno 

Ezra Maxwell
aaaa finally finished some other oc profiles ay

Name: Ezra Maxwell

Age: around 34

Gender: Male (He/Him)

Friends: Allen, Nash, Kevin, Vex, Sky
Enemies: anyone who poses a threat to him or his friends

love interest: None

Weapon on hand (thats kinda a pun ;^) ): Gauntlets that are basically his hands. He cant remove them.

Ezra was built by a scientist in a secluded underground lab away from The Center. When he awoke for the first time, he met his creator who called herself Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi was anything but a good person, she influenced him as she was the only one he saw everyday for the next few years. During those years she taught him how to be merciless and how humans and other species were untrustworthy and how the world is cruel. She tested his endurance by basically torturing him. Ezra always had questions about the outside and why she made him the way he is (able to feel pain). Though she always responded by giving him an electrical shock. This made him become silent and obedient.

It only got worse as she began manipulating him, calling him “useless” and telling him he wouldnt survive a day without her. Soon, Ezra depended on Wi-Fi. This is where she began giving him missions to go outside the lab and retrieve things for her. She gave him missions where he had too exterminate villages as well. Ezra was basically her slave now. 

After almost 28 years of doing what she said with no questions she granted him one odd mission. He needed too kill her and transfuse her blood into a better body as she was only a human whom wouldnt survive to achieve her goal. It overwhelmed Ezra knowing anything could go wrong but she gave him “Comfort and reassurance” and he did what he had to do. He knew he could run away and be free but she already made him think he was useless without her. He transfused her blood into a robot she made of herself and sprang back to life. She had decided to switch bodies now because her “final” mission was for Ezra to kill a god. It seems like an impossible task but it is very much possible if handled correctly. This mission would take Ezra who knows how long but Wi-Fi “trusted” him.

Ezra was off in The Wastelands searching for anyone he could make of use when he found a fellow traveler who was cloaked. She looked lost and scared but carried backpacks. Ezra knew anything in the backpack could prove useful so he attacked her. The last thing he remembered before blacking out was a light coming from her hands and the feeling of someone soothing him for the first time ever. He woke up in a pile of scrap. His head ached while his memories stung him. His memories were replaying the countless lives he murdered and remembered Wi-Fi. He remembered his mission but no longer wanted to complete it. All he wanted was too find Wi-Fi. Although when he stood he heard a voice behind him. When he turned around he saw a person who he would soon be the closest of friends with.

 That person introduced himself as Allen.



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call me vinni or bunny
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after some convincing I remade my dA. I PROBABLY wont be that active.

im much more active on tumblr --->

ill be posting some doodles here and ocs as well.


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